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Hey, friends!

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who support the project, that means a lot! As a small gift for your patient and such preliminary involvment, I've sent digital copy of the Chapter One to everyone who supported Forever War so far!

I've used your Paypal-attached email adresses, so please check it! If you didn't find the letter from me inbox or in the junk folder, please let me know and we'll resolve the problem!

Also by popular demand each chapter going to be printed separatelly in a single form when they're ready. TMNT Adventures #73-77, just 200 hand-numbered copies each, high quality printing, thick gloss paper.

Feel free to write me and discuss any details.
Issue #73 going be printed in ten days or so.

Full supporters list will be prited in EACH editions, from singles to hardcover.

Stay tuned!
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