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Uh... not sure why everyone's arguing with TommyT. It's honestly laughable how far away he is from the truth of the matter -- e.g., why we decided to make a female turtle, who was primarily responsible for pushing it forward and through to reality (hint: me), why we waited as long as we did, what my political motivations were (hint: none), and where IDW/Nickelodeon is going with the character in the future.

Hate to break it to you, but the truth is a far simpler picture than what you paint in your rants, TommyT. From issue #1, Kevin and talked about making a female turtle. Every convention/signing we've ever been to, little girls asked us why there was no girl turtle. It was important to the children and it was important to us (Kevin always felt that Venus was a missed opportunity). But we were patient, because we didn't want to feel like we were pandering or forcing the issue. We wanted it to happen when/if it felt right... so that it worked for the story being told instead of distracting from it. So we waited. And then Jennika came along in issue #51. She was supposed to be a throwaway character... a plot point to move Splinter's character forward in his new role as master of the Foot Clan. But something about her wouldn't let me throw her away. I liked her... the mystery of her... and her hidden potential. But I didn't know I wanted her to be our female turtle until I read Brahm Revel's amazing Jennika origin story in TMNT Universe much later. That's when it hit me like a thunderbolt -- Jenny's the one! And so we spent more years carefully developing her (including me secretly reaching out to artist Sophie Campbell to collaborate on her turtle design), making sure when the time came for her transformation, she was already very much a part of the Hamato Clan (surrogate sister and daughter, etc.) and that she fit neatly in to the family dynamic, whether human or mutant turtle. And then I had to convince Nickelodeon and my fellow creators that the time was right and that it could work (no corporate SJW agenda driving her mutation, TommyT... sorry to disappoint you). Luckily for me, I was able to bring everyone on board, we all came came together to develop the story, and the rest is history.

Now, mileage may vary as to how successful we were, but that right there is the real story behind why Jennika the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle exists.

I doubt you'll believe me, TommyT (and frankly, I don't care one iota), but you might want to know the REAL reality of things before you make up your own -- which is exactly what you're doing. Not sure what possessed you to publicly spout falsehoods and misguided assumptions like you're doing here (pretending like you have some kind of magical behind-the-scenes access... or that you personally know me or my intentions at all), but take it from the actual source -- you're way off base with everything you've said here. Again, I'm sure you'll deny it, and that's fine. You'll probably get defensive and attack me, and that's okay, too -- it's easy to do from behind the safety of an anonymous keyboard (sadly, the world's filled with internet "tough guys" these days). Thing is, I know the truth because, in this case, I AM the truth. That's good enough for me -- and I hope it'll be good enough for the good folks futilely debating you on this forum (we both know full well you'll never change your mind no matter how hard they try, don't we?), so they can turn their energy on to a more positive TMNT fandom track. After all, this forum can be a fantastic place to talk about the property we all claim to love... or it can become another online slum full of unnecessary negativity and self-inflicted gloom, doom, and hatred.

And that's all I'm going to say about this matter -- take it or leave it.

As for Jenny's PTSD, that's a very fair point -- and something Sophie will be exploring in her run starting with issue #101. The way I see it, Jenny was transformed in the middle of an ongoing and intense conflict (a City At War, to be exact) and she had little time to deal with her mutation as there was fighting to be done. I took inspiration from my time in the USMC -- more than once I've seen Marines (including myself) have to put important personal issues aside in order to focus on the immediate battle at hand. But there will be time for Jenny to deal with the undeniable trauma/confusion caused by her mutation... and I know Sophie's gonna handle it professionally and respectfully (I've already seen the proof).

And Jenny won't be the only one dealing with PTSD after the events of #100, trust me. After all, contrary to what TommyT is harping about above, she is NOT the only important character in this series -- Sophie (and Bobby) have amazing plans for the entire beloved ensemble cast starting with issue #101... and beyond.

Talk soon...

Tom W.

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