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Originally Posted by ChosenOne View Post
Tom, I have a question: imagine there were never any plans to introduce a female Turtle, or that Jennika wasn't the one who had been picked to be mutated; what was the original fate you folks had in mind for her?
Good question. My plan was that she remain Splinter's Chunin, and become even more like a daughter to him over time, regardless if she mutated or not. In the beginning, she was dogmatic in her loyalty to the Foot Clan. Over time (as she explained to Karai just before Karai stabbed her in City At War), she began to realize what she needed was a family, not a criminal ninja clan. And as she changed, Splinter began to realize, too, that he was trading family for crime, no matter how much he tried to deny it... and fix it. As Jenny grew as a person near him, Splinter gained a kind of grim self-realization through her... as old and experienced as he was, he still had growing to do (don't we all?). I liked that role for Jenny a lot -- whether human or not.

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