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Originally Posted by ChosenOne View Post
After the large-scale extravaganza that is Armageddon Game, #150 feels way too soon to end things.

They're setting up Armaggon, Stockman will either fall upwards into an even more powerful position or be forcibly mutated into a fly by Hob, Karai is poised to become a major player, Null might stick around, plus the Utrom civil war/conflict with the Triceratons still has plenty of mileage... The only sure wrap seems to be Rat King.

I don’t know if it'll go as far as #200 or even if we're getting a Kirkman-style fakeout and AG is indeed the grand finale, but I do hope this comic does what no other TMNT comic has done and give us a proper ending.
A final message for all Technodrome Folks reading this,

IDW TMNT is not ending at #150. We're planning YEARS out on multiple TMNT fronts (some that have been announced, some that have not). We're not going anywhere anytime soon. So many cool things coming (some announcements that'll make your brains explode!).

IDW is not going anywhere, either, no matter how much the constant doomsayers scream that so-called "truth" to the sky on his forum and elsewhere...over and over and over again. I've been at IDW since 2006. I like to think I have a pretty good handle on the comings/goings of the company, as well as the ups and downs. The financial reports you read are only part of the story. If ANYONE has true inside information about IDW's status, it's me, so you'll just have to believe me...or not.

There is no liberal agenda. There is no conservative agenda. I don't identify with or subscribe to either the Democrat or Republican cults. I'm registered Independent (and always recommend to my friends and family and even strangers that they do the same to send a message to the so-called powers-that-be that we're not gonna just blindly adhere to two sides of the same corrupt coin anymore) and I choose to live in the middle and make up my own mind about ALL things...usually after I educate myself beyond reading click-bait headlines and/or seeing/hearing/reading the constant scripted and fake news that the mainstream media (left AND right) continues to feed us (talk about agendas). I don't need to be told what to think -- for good or bad, I do my thinking on my own. As for the comics I write, I simply let the characters guide me and hope they lead me down a road that's as entertaining for readers as it is for me. I always chuckle when I see or read so-called "fans" screaming that we creators are being told what to write by our corporate overlords at Nickelodeon and/or IDW, when in truth, the characters have always been my true bosses. They tell me what to write. Nobody else.

Again, believe me or not.

As for this forum, I think it's time I step away. Don't get me wrong -- there are some amazing folks on here...both the fans who like what we're doing and those who do not. I've never had a problem with criticism -- hell, I welcome it as it makes me a better creator in the long run. I just can't take the juvenile bickering anymore. I'm too old for that nonsense.

It's a personal decision for me -- and I'm sure plenty of you will counter this post by saying I'm weak or too sensitive or whatever. That's okay. I know what I am. I know what I've done in my life (and a lot of it had to do with me actually carrying a rifle in foreign lands, not just writing about it). I know I'm far from weak. Thing is, I'm just too much of, I be a part of something that continues to be more and more toxic and childish with each new thread I read. I've only got so many years left on this big, blue marble of ours -- I want those years to be as positive as possible, and I only have myself to blame every time I come to this forum and consistently end up feeling like I'm banging my head against a wall of negativity and false information. At the risk of being judgmental (which I do my very best to never be) I can't decide if I'm dealing with a bunch of angry old men or angry little kids when I'm on here most of the time (not ALL of the time -- I've kept coming back for the exceptions to that -- the fun, positive threads that make me smile...even the ones that are maturely/fairly criticizing my work).

It's starting to feel like a co-dependent/abusive relationship every time I come back to this forum, and I really don't like that feeling. Not one bit. And even more, I hate contributing to it.

I do want to thank all those who whole-heartedly welcomed me to TECHNODROME way back in 2011 and over the years since. Nothing makes me happier than knowing there are so many passionate and loyal and friendly TMNT fans in this world. I've been blessed to have the opportunity to create TMNT stories for more than a decade, and sharing those tales with you all has been (and continues to be) the very best part of that opportunity for me. I hope to tell many more and will continue to tease and promote on Twitter (@tomwaltz) and Facebook. Please visit me there...I'm always good for sharing a spoiler or two that makes IDW and Nickelodeon's Marketing teams go nuts LOL!

Be good to each other.

Let go of the mainstream media-driven cults of division and remember we're in this together.

Do the research.

Think for yourself.

Don't be divided.

Don't be conquered.

See ya all in the funny papers!

Tom W.

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