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Wal-Mart Exclusive 'Elite Commando' Turtles Out Now!!

Heads up for our American fans who were somewhat upset about the UK exclusive 'commando' repaint Turtles. It seems that us folks in the US will get a version of them after all. Turning up on Wal-Mart store shelves now is a Exclusive 4-Pack of the Fightin' Gear Turtles. Each turtle is wearing a variation of Leonardo's Fightin' Gear armor from the basic figure release. Each one has been deco'd to appear camoflauged. Keep an eye out, they are out there!! The report and pictures originate from the official TMNT Website.
"I found a box set of the Turtles called TMNT 'Elite Commando'. It's basically all four turtles wearing Leonardo's Fightin' Gear outfit with different paint. They do come with their own Fightin' Gear weapons as well. I thought I would send you guys some pics, as I don't think I have seen these specific figures on your site yet. By the way, in the Wal-mart flyer I saw it said 'Exclusive to Wal-mart', so I assume that's the only place you will find these."


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