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Playmates: More Turtle Variants and More in 2005!!

The official website updated today to reveal even more 2005 plans. Unfortunatly most of them end up being more variants of the Fab Four. But if 2004 was any indication, we'll still get a lot of decent secondary characters along with all the Green. Here's a quick run down and links of what we have coming our way from Playmates.

Monster Tracker Turtles
Who you gonna call? Ghostbust.....err... wait, wrong website. This set of variants have the turtles decked out with uniforms and weapons to help bag the beasties. Pity that Raph and Mikey didn't survive the trip to Toy Fair. But so far, so good. I can't judge totally without seeing the other two green teens. Expect these in Spring/Summer 2005.

Combat Warrior Turtles
The four green teens now can peform kick-butt ninja moves with this spring loaded figure set. I actually think this one has potential. Depending if the springs work well or not. I still think more imaginative variants could be done, but these arn't that bad an idea. Expect them in the Summer/Fall of 2005.

Dino Seeker Turtles
Here's another set of variants I can get behind. Especially since we do have a bunch of time travel and alternate reality stories on the way in the toon. And I'm especially happy about the inclusion of Splinter. They should have included Jungle Girl April in the line also, to tie in to that episode. Expect them possibly in Late 2005/Early 2006.

Exo-Mutant Turtles
These seem familar. Everything old is new again. And it worked in the old line, so why not. As if they jumped off the screen of Japanese Big Mech Anime, expect all four turtles to likely be produced. But only Raphael was on display at Toy Fair. Not too bad. I'll hold judgement until I see them all. They're currently penciled in for Spring of 2005.

Hover Boardin' Leo
The companion peice to the recently revealed Crashin' Thrashin' Mikey. It's unknown if all four turtles will be produced in this series or not. These figures are not in scale with the rest of the line. They're 10" figures, instead of the current line's 5" scale. Expect them in Spring/Summer 2005.

Additional Items on the Way:
Sewer Spewer - Spring 2005
Shell Shooter - Spring 2005
Diecast TMNT Mini-Figures

[Thanks to Forumite Chris for the Heads Up]

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