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Power Rangers - the appreciation and discussion thread

Good evening everybody,

I just saw the first episodes of "SPD" and "Dino thunder" started on TV last weekend (I missed it, had some rioting to do ). I thought "Ninja Storm" was great until I saw "Dino Thunder". I thought "Dino Thunder" was great until I saw SPD. Pure... awesomeness... The choreography, the setting, the characters. it's so cool. Yeah, I have had too much cola today, during the last hour, I admit.

But SPD just seems to be so much more interesting than anything Power Ranger I have seen. The SPD-departement seems to be well worked out, and those two Robin Hood kind of types are sure going to be something combined with Bridge (or whatever SPD Blue's name is). Well, the morphing call... hmmm, dunno, dunno. Could be better, could be worse. But the transformation sequence makes up for that.

Oh, talking about lousy morphing calls (good, "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form... HA!" seems to hold #1 for me). As I mentionned, Dino Thunder started last Saturday. They apparently translated everything. So their morphing call goes like this (the original being "Dino Thunder Power up!): "Dino Donner, Powerkraft". D'uh. Many of you don't understand German, so let me spell it out for you. "Dino Donner" [Deeno Donnar] is "Dino Thunder", exact translation. Then, "Powerkraft" [Power Cruft] is truly, really really, seriously wrong. I guess I don't need to explain what "power" means, and Power in German is... yes, exactly... Kraft. So, what they say is "Dino Thunder Powerpower". Well, it could have been worse, but not much.

Feel free to add criticizm, comments, notes (Zarius, I'm counting on you).
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