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Really I DO HOPE they change the way they sculpt the TMNT faces.

That cartoonish look doesn't work. The dimensions of his face are too "Loonie Toonish".
His cheeks are the biggest problem. Both human and turtle cheeks don't stick out like that.

Here's a picture down below with REAL turtles and that new Leo pic.
The cheeks of a turtle is nearly absent. Plus, turtles have smaller pointier noses rather than that big honking round thing on Leo's face.
The "no chin" look also bothers the Hell out of me. Leo just looks way too cartoonish much like the classic old series TMNT.

The plus side is I'm glad they didn't make his mouth too wide, and I'm glad they didn't flatten his head too much. His cranium has a good realistic amount of hight (as far as I can tell, unless his head is tilted down...).
The TMNT ARE humanoid after all. It has to show in the face and whole head too... not just the limbs.
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