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Originally Posted by cqb101
Thanks for the tips, Kya! It's much appreciated.

Honestly, I don't really plan on buying any backissues. I really just wanna go for the experience and to get some comics signed. Do artists limit the amount you can get signed, and do they usually charge for signatures? I know some actors do, so I'll probably stay away from them, but I haven't heard anything about writers/pencilers. Also, how do you go about asking an artist for a sketch? Do you just straight up ask them? That seems kinda weird to me, expecially if there's a long line.....

Anyway, thanks for answering my questions, and sorry if I'm being a nuisance.
no prob. not a nuisance. all good. flu meds eating brain. talk like hulk.

some artists charge for sketches, not signatures. really popular artists may have a cap on number of things they'll sign. if you ask for a sketch in a book? You leave the book, they get to it when they can. if you want a quick sketch on one of those magazine boards? ask. they'll do it then and FAST. ... just remember your pleases and thank yous. if they draw comics now, they used to be comic fans just like us-non-famous-people. Most are really nice and laid back. if asking for sketch--have something in mind that they've drawn or you know THEY like too-- talk to them about it while you're up there if nothing else comes to mind.

hope that helps. losing eye focus. goin' to bed. night!

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