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Smile The Technodrome Turns 7!

In addition to being Halloween, today is also The Technodrome's seventh anniversary! This time around, I have a few updates to celebrate the occasion.

First, I made a large update to the Voice Cast page. Many additions and corrections have been made, so be sure to check it out under the Information heading. Thanks to Garfieldodie43 and Emanuelj8 for contributing!

Next, a translation for the German version of the TMNT theme song has been added to the Sounds page. Thanks to Dennis Bulawa, Richard Langworthy, and Soldat for contributing to it!

Finally, I also added two new versions of the TMNT theme song to the Sounds page: Hebrew and Arabic. Check them out under the Multimedia heading or by using the link above. Thanks to Vladi Dov and magidkaiser for contributing the themes, and if you have any versions that we don't already have, please send them in!

Enjoy, and thanks for your support in making this milestone possible.

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