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Name: Grace
Species: Mutant Turtle
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Height: 4'11
Build: small
Skin: Lime Green
Eyes: Blue
Clothes: Black tshirt and Bluejeans
Fighting Skills and Weapons: The TMNT taught Grace her fighting skills. She knows ninjitsu. Grace doesn't use any weapons, she fights using hand to hand combat. She is not as tough as the TMNT, the strongest enemy she can defeat is a Foot ninja.

Personality: Grace is nice and kind. She is a good person that cares about others. Grace is also very smart. She can be serious with a no-nonsense attitude at times. She can also be sarcastic at times and have an attitude.

History: Grace is from another world where Shredder used to rule the world. When she was 5 years old her parents were destroyed by a powerful monster known as X501. This monster had been created in a lab, and one day it escaped. The monster went on a rampage and was finally captured a few days later and put in a freezing pod. Grace was adopted by a mutant polar bear named Frank. Grace was very unhappy having Frank as her step father. Frank the polar bear is evil and he had been a loyal soldier of Shredder for a long time.
Grace later met the TMNT and lived with them at their lair. While staying with the TMNT, they taught her ninjitsu. A few months later she met a kind scientist named Dr. Roger Rogers. The scientist adopted her and she now lives with him.

(In some RPGs, Grace lives with the TMNT.)

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