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Wow. Did I write that much?

Name: Kamejou (Pronounced: Kahm -ee- Joe)

Nicknames: Young One, Green Midget, Lucia (Name used in TMNT: Next Generation)

Gender: Female

Species: Mutant Turtle

Skin color: Olive Green

Clothes: Wears a slate-gray bandana, she wears a heavy winter coat, oversized jeans, and leather boots when in disguise. Has a bag and wears a satchel on her right leg. She has a large crack running down the middle of her shell.


Height: 4'9

Eye color: Hazel Green

Skills and Powers: A skilled practitioner of Ninjutsu. Kamejou excels at stealth and fighting, although she only does the 'fighting' part when absolutely neccessary. In addition, Kamejou uses her wits to escape nasty situations or defeat opponents while trying not to land fatal blows. These situations are where her skill at setting up traps comes into play. Possible powers of premonition expressed through sketches or paintings.

Weapons: Kusari-gama, Shurikens, Various mixtures for blinding opponents, Several homemade traps.

Personality: Can be described as Quiet, Shy, and VEEEERY GEEKY. Although when fighting she can come across as rude and foulmouthed (If that makes any sense.) Kamejou often has problems with stuttering and feels uncomfortable in social situations. Despite this, she treasures the friends and family she has and would do anything to anything to protect them. In addition, she often expresses her feelings through her artwork. When she gets to know people better. she opens up more and act braver. Expresses a strong hatred for human children.

Likes: Comics, Sushi, Drawing, Painting, Reading, Green Tea, Pizza, Video games, Action figures, Anime, Model kits, Sci-fi movies, her pet hamsters 'Libby' and 'Buttons', Ayame-Sensei

History: The story of how Kamejou become mutated is a very simple one, she had been born a normal turtle and some way or another came in contact with a substance that causes genetic mutations. Kamejou often still wonders how she became mutated but as of yet hasn't made any move to figure out why. At the age of two, after being brutally beaten by a group of cruel children, she was adopted by a mysterious, middle-aged woman from Japan, simply called 'Ayame'. Ayame had pity for her and in a way, became sort of a motherly figure for this young mutant turtle. Ayame bestowed upon her the name 'Kamejou' and began to teach her the Art of Ninjutsu. Despite being particularly close with her 'Sensei', Kamejou knows very little about her, only that she was from Japan and at one point had a husband and son that died four years before she found Kamejou. She suspects that Ayame-Sensei is desperately trying to hide a gruesome past from her, but is just waiting until Ayame-Sensei is ready to tell her every detail. Kamejou is forbidden to go outside of the apartment during the day and is cautioned to be careful when going out at night. "Though there are exceptions to the rule, humans are cruel to those they cannot understand." Currently, Kamejou is living in Ayame-Sensei's three-room apartment, where she continues her training as a Ninja...and playing that wicked cool new video game that came out last week.

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