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TMNT Giveway Winners! BBC Looking for UK TMNT Fans for Documentary

Congratulations to the following winners in our TMNT Movie Giveaway:

1st Prize: Ken Wiesedeppe
2nd Prize: Wenrog
3rd Prize: mikey2007

1st Runners-Up: Sharon Boyle, Michael Bradley, Christine Aguiar
2nd Runners-Up: William Causey, Daunt, JohnnyBlaze, Cindy Allen, Tazukie Fearon

We will be mailing out the prizes within the next few days. Thanks again to everyone for participating!

Also, we have been contacted by the BBC regarding an upcoming documentary about the history of children's television. They are looking for TMNT fans in the UK who grew up watching the Turtles and buying TMNT merchandise to share their memories. If this applies to you and you're interested, please email either Krang or me as soon as possible, so we can put you in contact with them. Thank you!

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