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New Technodrome TMNT Contest- Biggest TMNT Fans!

Want to show off your TMNT fandom and pick up a chance to win the TMNT movie video game and/or a reprint of the Volume #1 TMNT comic? The Technodrome is now holding a contest to find the biggest TMNT fans! Just choose the category that best describes you (Biggest Overall TMNT Fan, Biggest Fan of a Particular Character, Biggest Fan of a TMNT Universe or Most "Unusual" TMNT Fan) and the way you want to show us your fandom (Pictures, Video Clips, Sound Clips, or Essays) for your chance to win! Two winners (one grand prize and one runner-up) will be chosen for each category. Feel free to be as creative as you want! For more information on the contest, prizes, and entry rules, visit the Contest Page. Good luck!

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