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As usual, Dan is the Man:

Howdy Mark,

Well, it's been quite awhile since I wrote that, so I have no idea
what I was thinking then - more than likely I just screwed up. But in
the old Marvel Bullpen tradition, here's my no-prize style workaround:

The line:

"The freaks used to call this cesspool 'home' before we drove them
out. Now it's our only refuge."

Refers to the sewers as a whole as being the Turtles' home. It's not
specifically referencing their old lair.

The "before drove them out" bit refers to the TMNT fleeing NYC to go
to Northampton (in issue #10) - not specifically fleeing the lair.

Why Croaker and Wen are familiar with the old lair itself could be
because they discovered it while Leatherhead wasn't home and they
assumed it was abandoned.

Very thin, I know - but it's a workaround for those that want one. I
don't know if it would win me a no-prize, though.

Thanks for writing!

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