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April Fools, Forum News

For those of you who visit our forums regularly, you may have noticed posts referring to TMNT characters with unusual names. This was our April Fool's joke for the year (as several of you correctly guessed). In case anyone missed it, here was what was replaced:

Leonardo, Leo -> Leon
Michaelangelo, Michelangelo, Mikey, Mike -> Mickey
Donatello, Donny, Donnie, Don -> Danny
Raphael, Raph -> Ralph
Shredder -> Shredded Wheat
Krang -> Curry Man

This was all done using a quickly written JavaScript trick, so no posts were actually edited. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it.

Speaking of the forums, sometime in the next few weeks, I will be upgrading the forum software, and this may require up to an hour or two of downtime. Since the forums are on a different server than the site, the site will not be affected. When I have a more exact date for the upgrade, I will post it as an announcement on the forums.

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