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Originally Posted by Roseangelo View Post
Well, Gary definitely knows the company is starting to nose dive and is making selfish decisions that are not in the best interest of the company in order to secure is own personal financial cushion as much as possible. I don't know what Gary would gain from the company being sold, though; Peter owns it 100%. And Peter has to be the only person on the planet dense enough to think Gary's going a good job, so a new boss would surely fire Gary immediately. Although I'm sure he'd find a way to give himself a comfortable retirement if such a deal ever happened. Of course, no one else employed at Mirage would share in such benefit.
If the company were sold he could have pre arranged with the people he put into position to buy it to gain a nice cushy position at their company, especially if he's been deliberatelly nosediving the company for them.

It's been done before in business. And it would fit Gary's actions pretty well.

Originally Posted by gobo View Post
Gary Richardson = current CEO of Mirage.
Reason for hatred of him = something I've always wondered too.
Because his buisiness decisions not only make no sense from a marketing/profit perspective, but because some of them would be effortlessly prosecutable were Mirage a publicly traded company.
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Sakai. Making a deal with Saki has COMPLETELY different implications.
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But me, Grimlock, love Raphael! He cool, but rude!

I suspected.
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