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Hey guys. Recently got into MUGEN, and absolutely love it. Only problem is, I'm having a hard time finding some things TMNT related.

I've been looking for the Technodrome Portal Room stage from TMNT The Arcade Game for MUGEN, and I just can't find anyplace to download it. I hope someone here has it.

Also, it looks like someone a few years back tried to make a whole TMNT game from MUGEN: Unfortunately it seems to have been abandoned. (Edit, apparently Ceno posted here as well:

Here's a list of what I know is available for MUGEN:

-- Characters
- TMNT Tourney Fighters
- TMNT4 Turtles In Time Don
- TMNT4 Super Krang? (seen in YouTube videos, but can't find download)
-- Stages
- A bunch from
- TMNT4 Big Apple, Alleycat Blues

If you know of more, please respond here.

(PS: Cool Sprites Here:
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