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TMNT DS Game Info/OT Season 8 DVD Available Now!

Here's some news and notes about some of the upcoming and current releases in the TMNT world.

First of all, the upcoming Nintendo DS game "TMNT: Arcade Attack" is a beat-em-up game with an all-new storyline and cut-scenes based on comic art from TMNT #1! The arcade-style gameplay will feature a new combo fighting system and a cooperative mode that will allow a friend to join you via local wireless! Check out some of the latest info on this exciting release, which is expected to be available in December 2009:



-Concept Art (Level Boss)

-Check out the discussion thread for this upcoming game here!

Also, as everyone should already know, the latest DVD of the original TMNT cartoon series is available in stores now! This one disc release features the 8 episodes of Season 8 and the start of the "red sky" episodes, so don't forget to buy it if you haven't already! Also, check out the Season 8 discussion thread here.

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