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The 'I Got A New Piece Of Art' Thread, (for everybody!)

As discussed over here, I thought it might be a cool idea to have one thread for peoples' art collections - its sometimes hard to keep track of what people have got in loadsa seperate threads, and I get a kick outta seeing other folks' art collections. So feel free to add, and I reckon that it don't need to be exclusively 'New', just put up what you'se have got!

So I guess I better go first, with this commission that I got from 'Awesome Jim Lawson' himself, in the post earlier this week:

Oh Discordia! Charyou Tree! Come, Reap!
Don't tell us to grow up and out of it
I got my cloak and dagger in a bar room brawl

You actually trying to read this tiny text? Damn, you're dedicated! This is all just for effect you know...

original TMNT art collection
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