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Well, here it is, direct from the horse's mouth:

Hi Mica. You're going to hate this but... I don't exactly remember. I don't think they're related though as Ninjara was a fox and Mezcaal a coyote and I seem to remember toying with the idea that Raph was into canine girls. ;o) Which would make me think that the two women were NOT related. It would be too weird if they were.

Hope all is well,

On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 3:16 PM, <Mica> wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> This is Mica here. A few fans and I were discussing it, and we can't figure
> the answer to this question out. Are Ninjara and Mezcaal related? Someone
> said that you had said that Mez was Ninjara's great granddaughter on your
> blog. Sadly, since the archives of the 5th turtle have been taken down, I
> can't go back and investigate myself. So I figured since you created both
> characters, you would know best. Please let me know, as it will avoid a
> knock-down hair-pulling geek fight that this may devolve into otherwise.
> Thanks so much!
> ~Mica
Okay, I was wrong. Mez is a coyote, not a wolf. Only certain breeds of canines can interbreed, so we know that Mez isn't decended from Ninjara.
I did a little research, and any kids between Mokoshan and Ninjara would be doxes (Dog/Wolf-Fox hybrids) and it's never been confirmed that that combo is viable/fertile. (but I guess it is in TMNTA world, since I think Ninjara has a kid in Furrlough issue with her in it, however, whether that kid is fertile or not, who knows)
It WOULD be too weird if Ninjara was Mezcaal's ancestor. Rather twisted.
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