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TMNT Inventory List (Beta)

A while back in this thread, we were discussing the possibility of integrating a TMNT inventory list into the forums so that forum members can keep track of their TMNT collections. Just wanted to let everyone know that the inventory list is now ready for a public beta release! There are still a few features that need to be added before considering this final, but it is fully working, so feel free to begin using it:

If you need any help or notice any bugs, please post in this thread. A big thanks to papa_smurf73 for his feedback and suggestions along the way, and for providing the TMNT figure lists!

Features that will be added:
  • Checklist view
  • Sorting/filtering of list
  • Ability to edit items (for now, just delete and add again to make changes)
  • Ability to download list
  • Histogram/global stats

Features that may be added:
  • Allow guests to view lists (so that you can share the link on other sites)
  • Lightbox or popup for item images

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