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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
Tom, can you clear up the confunsing quote by Kevin that mentioned "an ongoing series of minis". Does that mean the narrative will follow coherently through various TMNT miniseries and one-shots, or will there be an ongoing series beginning with #1 and hopefully going on forever!
It's an arc-based ongoing series. In other words, we will be telling 4-issue stories that can be collected into nice trade paperbacks, but there will definitely be a running story (through-line) that will continue on a monthly basis (e.g., consecutive numbering, so issue #4 will be followed by #5, which will be followed by #6, etc.) and will run through each arc.

We will also be publishing separate mini-series and one-shots that will tie in to the monthly continuity (things like the Raphael one-shot story by Brian Lynch, etc.).

The simple answer, though, is that TMNT will be a normal monthly comic (ongoing) with corresponding one-shots and mini-series to go with it at times.

Hope that helps...
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