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Master Splinter in "Nothing to Fear"

At long last, my first Ninja Turtles fan comic is ready to launch! Over the course of October, I'll be posting all 12 full-color pages of the story inspired by my previous piece, "Splinter's Worst Nightmare." It's newly christened title is "Nothing to Fear." October was the perfect month to debut this for the public, since it certainly has some Halloween appropriate vibe!

Story Description:
Master Splinter's rigorous mental discipline in the way of Bushido is about to be put to the ultimate test! While meditating in the secret sewer lair of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some of his most feared adversaries from the past suddenly converge upon him at once! Who is responsible for this home invasion? And how will Splinter ever escape from this horrible surprise?

Seeing how this is my first attempt at doing something so ambitious as a comic, I do appreciate comments, compliments, and even critiques so that I can improve my artistic skills. Over the last couple of months, I've learned basic competence in how to color digitally in Gimp.

You can now download the whole comic (with bonus content) in CBZ format!

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Check out my TMNT fan comic, "Nothing to Fear"!
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