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Pannoni1's Want list

Just send me a PM anytime. PayPal is accepted as well.

-Any Volume 2 Mirage except for #3-#6, #8, Casey Jones #1
-Any Image issue
-Archie #64, #66-#72
-Any Tales of the TMNT issue (vol. 1 or 2)
-Any Volume 4 issue except for the Leonardo mini-series
-Any TMNT 2007 prequel issue
-Any IDW issue except for #15-#16

-4kids DVDs Ninja Tribunal, Turtles Forever
-Operation Blue Line
-Coming out of Their Shells VHS


-Rappin' Mike
-Headdroppin' Don
-Classic Rocker Leo
-Talkin' Raphael
-Machine Gunnin' Rocksteady
-Turtle Tank
-Rocksteady's Pogocopter
-Mike's Kowabunga Beach Buggy
-Sewer Sub
-Leo's Turtle Trike
-Turtle Blimp II
-Shell Top 4x4
-Mike's Pizza Chopper Backpack
-Don's Kookie Carnival Car

-Turtle Games Raph or Leo
-Movie Star Raphael
-Wacky Wild West series (except Crazy Cowboy Don)
-Raph, the Magnificent
-Crazy Clownin' Mike
-Mutant Military II series (Except for Yankee Doodle Raph, Navy Seal Mike and Delta Team Don)
-King Lionheart
-Doctor El
-Cafe Turtle Raph (have the Pterodactyl but need the figure)
-Cave Turtle Leo's Dingy Dino (have the figure but need the vehicle)
-Don's Pizza-Powered Parachute (have the figure but need the vehicle)
-Sewer Sandcruiser
-Rock 'N Roll Muta-Bus
-Bubble Bomber
-Samurai Scooter
-Mutations Muta-Carrier

-Super Heroes series (except for Super Don)
-Mutatin' Tokka
-Mutatin' Rahzar
-Mutatin' Foot Soldier
-Road Ready Leo or Don
-Auto Mutations series (except Rocksteady)
-Turtle Troll Mike
-Ninja Action Mike
-Farmer Mike's Tractor (have the figure, but need the vehicle)
-Cave Turtles series except for Mike & Raph (including dinosaurs)
-Toon Cycle (have Raph figure, but need the vehicle)
-Ninja Grapplor

-Any figure/vehicle from 1994-98 EXCEPT:
-Pizza Tossin' Raph, Leo and Don
-Stretchin' Leo, Don, or Shredder
-Savage Leo
-Cyber Samurai Mike
-Road Racin' Mike
-Robomatic Raphael
-Dynatronic Donatello
-Star Trek Leo and Don
-Deep Sea Divin' Leonardo
-Arctic Donatello
-Robotic Foot Soldier
-Supermutant Donatello
-Coil Force Turtles
-Dino Figures (except for Shredder)
-Vam Mi
-Dragon Lord
-Next Mutation Splinter
-Mini Raph
-Mini-Mutant Tokka, Leonardo, or Raphael Playsets
-Pizza Wars or City Wars Mini-Mutant Bodacious Battlesets
-Carry Along Communicator Playset

-2002 Foot Soldier
-Nanotech Monster
-Fightin' Gear Don
-Armorized Shredder
-Mini Leo 2002

-Mutatin' Donatello 2003
-Mutatin' Foot Soldier 2003
-Toddler Donatello
-Giant Mouser
-Turtle Titan Mike
-Leatherhead 2004
-Stone Biter
-Razor Fist
-Commander Mozar
-Silver Sentry
-Deep Divin' series (except for Michelangelo)
-Turbo Bashers series
-Ripped Up Donatello
-Battle Nexus Leonardo and Donatello
-Ninja Knight Michelangelo
-Ultimate Daimyo
-Dark Assassin
-Butterfly Swords

-Any figure from 2005 and up except:
-Air Ninja Leo and Don
-Combat Warriors Leo, Don, or Raph
-Mini Ripped Up Figures
-Fast Forward Leo, Raph, or Splinter
-Soft head, "rubber hands" Leonardo or Donatello
-2006 Raphael with a black suit and black boots (only the head shows green)
-Mini Hun, Mini Triceraton Warrior, Mini Foot Soldier, mini bad guy with a gray body and a scary-looking hat
-2007 Movie Leo, Don, Raph, Mike, April, Splinter, and Foot Soldier figures
-2007 Movie mini figures
-Alien Hunter Donatello
-McDonald's figures except for large Leo and Raph

-Any 4kids-era vehicle except for the Battle Shell, Battle Bikes, Turtle Tracker, Zanramon's Space Cruiser, and Shell Cycle

-Any Nickelodeon-era product except for Wave 1 figures

-Animation cels for the following characters:
Donatello, Foot Soldier, Vernon, Leatherhead, Baxter Stockman, Slash, Big Louie, Zack, the Turtle Van, Channel 6 Building, Technodrome, Metalhead, Punk Frogs, Lotus Blossom, Mutagen Man, Mondo Gecko, Muckman, any Red Sky
-Most non-Playmates merchandise 1999 and older
__________________ MY WANT LIST


30 years of Turtle Power!

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