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Nickelodeon TMNT Merchandise

This is a thread to post pictures and/or sightings of any Nickelodeon TMNT merchandise that you find, wether it be in person in a store, or online. TONS of Nickelodeon TMNT merchandise is available now, such as clothing, candy, party supplies, stationary items, tupperware, coloring books, and so much more! Nickelodeon's version of TMNT could possibly have the biggest merchandise push since the OT, and who knows, maybe it could become even bigger than that eventually! The only merchandise that SHOULDN'T be posted in this thread is that of which comes from Playmates Toys' new TMNT toy line, because there are already threads covering those items. That includes the action figures, vehicles, and play sets. However, other things that Playmates makes such as the mini figures with cards or role play items can be posted here.

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