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The price is really good, less than a dollar per episode. I only own S1-4, and I paid more than $100 for those if I add them up. I was going to pick up S5-10 soon if nothing was announced but now that this is I'll get this instead, it'll actually even be a similar price than getting S6-10 individually. I hate weird packages for DVDs with the exception of stuff I really love and for TMNT I do actually like having a turtles van set, for other stuff I wouldn't care.

Now I'm guessing it's just the same discs repackaged but I hope that at the very least, they're in the correct order and the episodes are spaced out a little bit better, the early seasons suffered a lot with 13/12 episodes per disc, that's way too many and the quality suffered, instead of having repeated episodes have them spaced out or add one extra disc. Also if it had new bonus content like the Turtle TIps I'd be pretty damn happy and excited but I doubt they're doing anything but the minimum, plus if it had more features they'd have announced it already, oh well.

I guess it was too much to ask for OT accurate art, oh well the weird 2k3/2007 turtles OT hybrids are kind of neat in a what where they thinking but for a "collectors" set they really should've had the real artwork... Having discs in the form of pizzas/manhole covers is a rather basic but awesome thing they could've done as well.

So the new show is basically the reason for this and TNM DVD's, I'd kill if a company did something like this for 2k3 but since it's Nick who has it, we'll just have to hope Shout! can license the 2k3 series, if TNM sells well they'll definitely try to. When did Nick buy the turtles? Shout mentioned it took them all this time to get the license for Power Rangers and that they tried as soon as the sale happened, so maybe they're still trying.
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