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Originally Posted by oldmanwinters View Post
It is remarkable to think that we've seen the 2nd major era of TMNT animation come and go since Lionsgate started releasing these DVDs. Back in 2004, I honestly thought the first season release might be the only one they would release. I seem to remember that their original plan was to release The Epic Begins rather than the first 5 episodes until David Wise contacted them and advised them against such a stunt.

We've also seen Lionsgate release some incredibly cheap cover art.
They used rip-off 4Kids stock art on volumes 2, 3, 4, 6, Season 5, and Season 8.
(They even used the same Donatello image on three different covers and the same Raphael on Volumes 5 and Season 4.)
On the Season 7 set they started ripping off the 2007 movie poses.

I once thought that they were waiting so long to release Seasons 9 and 10 because they were awaiting Nick to release some new TMNT stock art for them to rip off on future DVD covers.
I did find it laughable how Lionsgate had the 2003 Splinter on one of the dvd covers. Seriously, how can you screw that up?!!
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