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Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
I'd love to see Shredder's day off or something and comedic moments happens. As others have mentioned IDW Shredder coping with today's technology and society, or Saki is in a cafe or a bistro and meets someone in a romcom situation.

Or a version of Saki where he runs a legit company as a cover for his crime-lord activities have to have something delivered to the bank and his assistant is sick or something and he decides it's on his way home, he can do it personally and while he's at the bank a robbery happens which puts him in a "heroic" situation. It's not really a funny situation in-world but it's funny for the audience with a heist going wrong due to one of the hostages is a deadly ninja.
OMG that would make an amazing double-length one-shot, "A Funny Thing Happened on Oroku Saki's Way to the Bank" . I can totally see Saki going through a whole thought process, first being mad that he's having to perform a task that he had delegated to an underling (we could even set this story during the City Fall era and say that the underling who was supposed to make the drop at the bank was killed in an act of gang violence by one of Saki's rivals, the Cost Nostra or the Ghost Boys or something), then he thinks it's good for him to keep some semblance of humility and do what must be done to advance his plans.

Then he gets to the bank and when somebody pulls a gun on the tellers he first thinks, "why should I get involved?" but he reasons that there's a small chance that this small-time bank robber might get something of value from one of Saki's personal lockboxes, so he decides to intercede and easily takes down the armed robbers with his ninja skills.

Then the police are all amazed and applauding him and he's just so unperturbed while news crews want to interview him for being such an outstanding citizen and he's just like "I'm a very busy man, good day!" This could be a hilarious yet insightful story; I'd love to see something like it illustrated by Santolouco
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