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I was really disappointed too, but only because my expectations were set too high and that's probably got to do with the way the trailers presented the game. I was hoping for something in the vein of Batman: Arkham City, with an open-world design and awesome linear story, but unfortunately, it was just another turtles beat 'em up.

However, what's there isn't really bad either. As far as TMNT games go, this one is pretty good. Combat is good even if not too deep, the more open-levels are a lot of fun to traverse, and the bosses are extremely fun. They got the charm of the franchise down and the Turtles' personalities are on point. The randomized objectives also give the game a lot of replay value as you'll constantly be doing different things in each stage during different playthroughs.

Though, had it not been rushed, I think it could have been really amazing. It would have definitely benefited from more levels, more level and enemy variety (purple dragons and triceratons come to mind), vehicular combat stages, and cool extras like a Mirage comics filter, unlockable playable characters, and alternate skins from different eras. Only then would it have been worthy of full retail price. It just sucks that we'll never see anything special done with this franchise as a video game. It's always gotta be tied to something else and ends up falling short because of it. Platinum is a great developer and given what they did with the little they had to work with, I think they could make a great TMNT game. If we're not gonna get something like the Batman games, at least make the beat 'em up formula work to its fullest potential.
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