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Originally Posted by eskater View Post
FYI I bought this when it came out, no ragrats.
Same ... I mean, I liked it ... but it had SO MUCH MORE potential to be better than it actually was.

I know some people might bawk at this idea ... but I really wish that the TMNT games would return to a traditional 2D, beat-em-up style of game play. Falling in love with Sonic Mania this week made me really yearn for classic TMNT style of video games.

The FW series does get a lot of attention (some would say too much) but I would love for a new TMNT game to be such a nostalgia trip within that world. I think it would make more sense to do FW in a retro style since it would capture more attention possibly ... but give us different downloadable skins (1990 film, 2003 series, Mirage, 2012) and possibly different levels to play in that represent those eras.

Hopefully Activision doesn't renew the license (if they already dropped it by now) and TMNT falls in the hands of people who actually want to make something just a little bit more substantial.
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