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Originally Posted by RaphaelinSTL View Post
is it a matter of the wrong teams behind them ... or rushing development? Probably a combination of both
Neither, really. They start production on these kinds of games, banking on there being a ton of pre-orders to finish the production. The pre-orders never really happen (in TMNT's case, probably because the last slew of games have been back-to-back terrible) so they just quickly wrap up what they have somehow and throw it out there, cutting their losses.

Not that any TMNT game really, well, ever has been a passion project for anyone involved. At least MIM bothered to hire Tom Waltz, for whatever he was allowed to inject.

but returning to a winning formula isn't as horrible of an idea as some might suggest.
A "winning formula" from 1992 is only going to win with people who remember being Final Fight-clone crazy in 1992 (and even then, maybe for only 5 minutes, when the nostalgia wears off and they remember how mind-numbingly repetitive those games were). Those games will not register with any new fans.

Guess the important thing is to look towards the future ... since MIM bombed as much as it did, I don't see another TMNT game hitting consoles for awhile.
Yeah, it's not really a coveted license right now.
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