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No. Just no. **** off with this ****.

Yaxley was not arrested for exercising free speach, he was arrested for contempt of court by trying to influence jurors which could have seen the case thrown out and the perpetrators walk free.

If he was just some rando guy that's mad that media isn't talking about Muslim grooming gangs enough or in the right way you might overlook this but he's a professional grifter who has repeatedly done this before and warned that it would see rapists go free which is presumably what he wants so he can go on his internet shows and demos and rant about how PC culture has infected the court system and protecting radical muslims and make a whole lot of money doing it.

Also in the particular case the ring leaders of the gang are not Muslim. Again if Yaxley was just some guy that saw some Asian criminals and just assumed they were Muslim you could dismiss him as a random crackpot but he knows what he's doing. He knows that he pass Sikhs off as Muslim and it's better to do this as Sikhs are lower down on the scary scale.

Speaking of which please spare painting him as a friend to the 'good' minorities. The EDL recruitment stuff makes it clear they are anti-Islam, anti-LGBT, anti-Jews and so on. The fact that he has 'friends' in minorities he rails against is nothing new. The best gig some people in minorities can get is to partner up with the far right and parrot their views. See we can't be sexist/homophobic/racists we have a woman/gay/black guy saying the same thing. These people are usually tossed out after they have outlived their usefulness.

It's kinda ironic that the Police are the most venerated public servants after the armed forces to the point that any criticism is shouted down as unpatriotic by the political right but then these "Tommy Robinson" protesters throw glass bottles, throw metal fences, spit and generally assault the police and apparently that's fine. I mean this is not being covered that much by the news either but no one is crying cover up (even though if any minority group was doing you'd bet it would much better covered) all in the false view that free speech is being quashed.

The best trick the alt-right ever learned was to re-frame their bigoted arguments as free speach ones. People across the political spectrum used to frown upon holocaust denial then the alt-right swapped saying "the holocaust didn't happen" with "why am I not allowed to say the holocaust didn't happen" and then just like that people are instantly neutered and to (varying degrees) forced to be cool with holocaust denial. That's the real political correctness gone mad.
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