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Originally Posted by BartAllen View Post
I'd love to see more outrage like this aimed at the people harming children. Instead you focus all your ire at one man who did nothing but talk. Sorry, I can't agree with you on this. The majority of these grooming gangs are majority muslim. They're raping your children.
Can't we be outrages at both? Can't we demand justice for victims of grooming gangs (Muslim or otherwise) and violent racist thus like Yaxley?

Yaxley wasn't just talking he was actively interfering with a trial. Again if was just some random idiot you could dismiss this but he's been warned when he's done this before that his actions could see the case thrown out and pedophiles walk free but he's done it again.

If he cared one tiny bit about victims of child grooming he'd let justice run it's course. Instead he keeps doing things that could see criminals walk free. The only reasonable conclusion you can draw is that he wants them to go free then can he rabble rouse on the internet and his demos and make a whole lot of money doing it.

He can still do his activism and "journalism" just obey the law. Also if he was confident in his anti-Islam stance he'd stick to facts rather than lie and distort facts like in this case when the ring leaders were not Muslim as he claimed.

Speaking of distorting facts after years of forwarding myths of Muslim no go areas were police don't patrol it's a sad irony that the only time I've seen the police run away from a threat is when Yaxley's Nazi saluting supporters have assaulted, threw glass bottles and metal fences and spat at them. They literally chased them down the street. With all the protests that get out of hand and riots that are happening it only these far right ones - now in support of a fraud he wont use his real name - that get that level of violent.

We can and should be outraged at both.
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