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Originally Posted by Toitlefan View Post
Would you recommend this game to someone who is not familiar with the type of gameplay? Is it fairly easy to learn how to play?
There's a fair amount of rules to keep track of for newcomers to be honest. If you're an experienced boardgamer, then it's pretty quick to pick up. The only real unique mechanic to this game is the shared battle dice system which is actually a lot of fun.

If you're unexperienced with boardgames, and just like the TMNT... I still say give it a chance, as its a lot of fun and captures the fun spirit of the turtles, but it may take a few rounds to get into the swing of things. If you're still lost by the end of the first battle map... it's probably not your thing.

I just paid some dude on Facebook a good chunk of cheddar to paint all my minis. He's supposed to have them done by the 22nd... I'll post the pics here when I get them back.

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