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I'm open to recommendations for post 2010 Jackie Chan films, I've only seen a couple like Chinese Zodiac and Police Story 2013 but those were bad.

New Police Story from 2004 might not have been that bad but it was way too long which made it boring, had no humor nor anything that would make this a spiritual sequel to Police Story which is why the name of the last two Police Story reboots is baffling. Hell even that Supercop 2 Police Story spin-off feels more like a Police Story film.

Hell I remember the Jackie Chan fandom finding any Jackie chan film from the 90s and up as trash since Hollywood had "tainted" his career by then and I was the "casual/black sheep" for enjoying movies like Mr. Nice Guy, First Strike and the like. I can also enjoy the goofy ass gimmicky films Jackie Chan did in the 00's after hitting mainstream success like The Tuxedo and the Medallion, hell even Spy Next Door. Jackie explained since he couldn't do those crazy stunts anymore he preferred these type of films, but then after making a few flops he blames hollywood and goes to China to be the communist parties puppet for the sake of fame and shows us how he wants to be a "dramatic" actor now with boring ass films.

I still love the guy, he's made more awesome movies than most actors ever will and I don't take his controversial comments too seriously.
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