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Glad I trusted my gut Sunday after buying hard to find fish meds from an eBay seller. Lots of feedback thanking them for fast shipping... but still suspiciously too many complaining about how slow it was. A week and a half in some cases, up to three in others.

So to be on the safe side, I ended up finding and ordering from someone else the same evening. Different brand, but luckily the same stuff, albeit in powder form. THAT one came today, a day early, so pretty happy about that.

The other one... uh, yeah, still sitting with a tracking number and nothing more, hasn't budged. Sooo I'm rather glad I went with my suspicions and ordered the second, even if I ended up spending twice as much as intended. (If it was just some material thing, I'd be annoyed, but whatever. But medication for people's pets in need? That is just bad business to treat that as stuff that can just wait. )
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