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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
So Reigns is now a grand slam, why not? Miz had been IC champion for what seemed like an eternity, to the point some had forgotten who he won it from (Ambrose I believe, so fitting that he goes from beating one Shield member to losing it to another)
I like Miz as Intercontinental Champion and he's pretty much destined to go down as a - if not THE - definitive IC champ, but it was about time for a break anyway. I wouldn't have gone with Reigns though, but I guess it doesn't really hurt anything. Gives him something to do for now for the lead-up to the obvious Reigns vs Lesnar match, he drops it at, like, the Rumble or something to Miz or someone else and off we go.

I actually thought Braun was going to take it off Miz for a bit there, but they pivoted him away from Miz to finish the Kane thing. Kind of amazing to me that, with the year he's had, Braun hasn't won a title yet. Especially given how high WWE clearly is on the guy.
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