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Actually, this is the first I read of anyone disliking the Turtle Tykes in the 2k3 show. Everything else I read in the past, people liked them, alot! Kind of like how people like it when there are episodes that feature the Turtles without their masks. Again, I see no problem what so ever if they were to have 30 minutes of the 2k3 style show, and then 30 minutes of the Turtle Tykes to appeal to the little kids. Or maybe make them into the mini toons they had for a while. If you don't like the idea, then don't watch it. I don't like the Turtles without pupils in the 2k3 show, but I got over it.

Originally Posted by Brodie View Post
People are fans of the TEENAGE mutant ninja turtles, not Toddler Mutant Bull ****.
Funny you say that, there are tons of fans of the comics, and the Turtles aren't teenagers anymore. I believe people are fan of the Turtles period. They could care less if they are tykes, teenagers, or well in their thirties and forties. They care about the personalities and the family dynamic and the cool Ninjitsu fighting action. Never heard people becoming fans because the Turtles were teenagers.

With that crap aside, what episode had Raph being eaten by a cockroach, if nobody don't mind me asking.

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