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No, I don't mean small, incremental changes such as leaving Oroku Nagi out of it, or tweaking April's career. I mean they're gonna start going completely off the reservation and doing whatever they think is cute at any given moment. Because "Why Not".

We'll definitely be getting a version where they were aliens and not mutants (or maybe they'll be "Alien Mutants" but still extra-terrestrial). And another where they were human kids who turned into turtles and not turtles who became humanoid. And so on and so forth. Put money on it.

We've had a couple of failed reboots in a row; this is the point where the brand managers decide "The 'traditional' way of doing things with this property no longer works; therefore, we have to start changing anything and everything until we find something that sticks."

TMNT "traditionalists" and "purists", all may as well abandon ship. In the very near future, the only TMNT properties which will exist in the present-day sense will bear little to no resemblance to the TMNT you/I/we grew up with. Although they'll all probably resemble FW with regard to very obvious and one-dimensional "humor" that ages poorly, because for some reason that was the only thing anyone ever took away from this franchise; the bad jokes. THAT stuck as being "the bedrock" of the brand, everything else is up for grabs, go figure.

"Rise" failed specifically because they already took way too many liberties and changed way too much, to the point where MOST fans of TMNT said "Nah, this isn't TMNT, or at least not the type I want to see", but if nothing else you can always expect the people who work on these types of projects to take the exact wrong message from a show or movie's failure. In their eyes, they most likely think it failed because they didn't change ENOUGH, and that it was TOO similar to what we previously had (despite already being pretty much "TMNT In Name Only" already).

So if the only thing a person cares about is, "It's called TMNT and therefore the brand continues on", future projects will likely still hold something for them. Some people legit do not care what the product is, so long as it says "TMNT" on the label. I don't personally understand that, because I liked very specific things about the characters and the brand and all of those things are now gone, ergo so am I. BUT, some people only care that there are indeed turtles who occasionally do ninja-like things a little bit, and everything else can be altered at will.

But regardless, that's the way the wind is blowing. "Total reinvention". Wait and see.

As to whether those reinvented versions will "Pay respect to what has come before"... by definition, the very idea of "total reinvention" cancels out that possibility. A reinvention suggests, or sometimes even outright states, "My New Ideas are way better than your crappy Old Ideas." Whether true or not, that smacks of disrespect. A reinvention cannot by definition pay respect to what came before because it assumes - rightly or wrongly - that it's doing something Right that the previous one did Wrong.

Which is incredibly presumptuous, and usually turns out to be wrong in the long run. Which is why most "reinventions" ultimately fail.

The only time a "total reinvention" actually works out, is when the thing being reinvented is something that started out so bad that anything would be a major improvement. A case in point would be the original MLP compared to "Friendship is Magic"; FiM might not have been AS big of a deal if the original version (and all the ones after it) weren't total crap.

When your source material is already really good or really popular, though, more often than not your "reinvention" fails. In TMNT's case, whether your bag is Mirage or whether it's FW, either of those things would be hard to top. And they won't be. New versions will be very different, but not "better".

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