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Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
(That said, if Unlimited is still running when RYV the series hits, I'll bet that elements will probably show up in the game somewhere along the line.)
I agree, maybe MJ in her Spider-Costume from the new RYV series will be an extra outfit for the already available "Spider-Island" MJ.

Can't play the game (although I keep current downloads on the computer on the off-chance I get a phone that can), but I thought that they were doing some "Spidey-2099 stuff currently?
They are, and there's a "Symbiote Invasion" event coming up. I don't play the game either, but someone who does over on Comicvine and the Crawlspace forums keeps the fans informed of what goes on.

(Hope the "Superior" stuff wraps up minus the Parker Industries story; I'm not fond of that setting and wouldn't want to play a game using them.)
I saw various trailers earlier in the year that unfortunately confirm we're getting the Parker Industries storyline, and the Superior storyline has already dealt with setting that up.
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