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Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
I never did read "Spider-Island," so I could be off, but I'm not sure if that's the answer on two counts. First of all, I thought that the spider virus started with the victims gaining Spider-Man powers, but then they turned into monsters (per the Secret Wars "Spider-Island," which took place in the reality where it ran unchecked). That would make it seem unlikely that MJ would be able to use the virus to gain her powers.
You're right in that the powers eventually turned them all into monsters. MJ was able to resist it longer because of her sexual relationship with Peter over the years (no, I'm not joking, that was the explanation).

Secondly, could the Spider-Island incident even happen in the RYV world? The original comic story was set in the post-OMD Spider-Man setting, meaning it was arguably in a different timeline than the one that RYV branches off of. I was even under the impression that the original RYV miniseries took place in a timeframe after "Spider-Island.
The original RYV series was entirely it's own thing actually, not connected to 616 at all. Captain America has a different outfit with the A on the chest and star on the mask), Eddie Brock was still Venom (with the design used for Mac Gargan's stint with the symbiote), and Peter had never been an Avenger in that time frame, and was only just being tempted to join them when both Venom and Regent attacked in the inaugural issue, which led to Regent killing the heroes and Peter killing Venom.

I was merely speculating about the part with MJ having powers and recalling the one story where, canonically, that had happened, coupled with the confirmation we got in the letters pages of ASM that this series takes place in a world where "Mephisto never interfered".

It's very confusing at the moment. Adding confusion was this bizarre revelation in ASM earlier this year Regent, Peter and MJ from 616 all vaguely remember the events of RYV despite the fact they had nothing to do with what those alternate versions were up to (616 MJ was killed in the incursion, and 616 Peter had an altogether different mission in Secret Wars)

I have to admit that it seems a little complicated, esp. as it depends on a comic series that readers may or may not know. (In fact, my first guess is that MJ's powers are tied into some variation of Regent's tech.)
It may be as simple as that, since to have two different series called RYV with different continuities would be quite a chore to process. I'm just trying to make some sense of it all, though Marvel have gotten pretty lax with continuity over the years.
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