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Originally Posted by Krutch View Post
For a long stretch, I didn't go to many concerts.

The first concert I attended I was 14 and saw Rob Zombie. He put one hell of a show. The second concert I attended was about 4 months later, Insane Clown Posse, who also put on quite the transcending experience. Unfortunately, the bar was raised so high by these two acts that the slew of bands that followed fell flat. So I stopped going to concerts unless it was Zombie or ICP (or TFK).

After my long term relationship fell apart though, I've just kind of been taking advantage of the single life and free time I have. So the last five years or so I've seen tons of concerts. Mostly seeing synth acts like Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, and John Carpenter himself.

I can completely understand the lack of desire to see bands live, though. It's loud, smelly (depending on crowd and venue) and some bands have a complete lack of stage presence.

Plus, tickets ain't cheap, yo.
Yeah I agree with your last two paragraphs. Plus, often it's artists I dunno anyone irl who's into them as well and going to a concert alone seems pointless.

And a lot of bands I like are now either too old, past their prime, retired, dead or no longer have their original line-ups. Fortunately I got to see Iron Maiden before it was too late.

I would have been cool to see Metallica back in 1989 or so, but no way am I interested in watching them these days,

Originally Posted by ProphetofGanja View Post
Eh, I definitely understand the attitude of not liking the experience of going to a concert or festival all the time, but I definitely like going to them sometimes. It's all about proper preparation
Festivals always have a band or two in the line-up that I either dislike or don't care for at all. Or the bands I like are usually spread through different days. I don't feel like paying a ticket to see 2-3 bands I sorta like and 3 I don't like or care for. Plus, I don't like the idea of sleeping at a festival in a tent. I've heard lots of festival stories and I have to say I'm a bit "scared" of them lol
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