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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
I love them. The Punk Frogs are my favorite allies of the Ninja Turtles. I was disappointed in getting just half of them and Napoleon Bonafrog looked nothing like he is supposed to. I would love to see one for sale one day!
Thanks! Yeah I suppose from a manafacturer’s perspective, probably made more sense not to make all 4 frogs, and to change Napoleon’s appearance so drastically.

Originally Posted by Darth Knuckles View Post
These Punk Frogs look great! That's a very well done job. Just wondering TurtleManiac, do you ever offer customs like this for sale or make a specific one for someone by request?
Thanks! No I haven’t done any commisions, just making these for myself is already so time consuming. I have sold a few customs from time to time, just to free up some space for new ones.

Originally Posted by Leonardo_thebest View Post
Yeah man! Perfect! Shocked there isn't more love from the peeps here. You did such a great job!
Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated!

Originally Posted by DarkFell View Post
They look very much like their cartoony 'selves. Good job indeed.
Hey thanks! I tried to make them as cartoon accurate as I could.

Originally Posted by oldmanwinters View Post
I like 'em!

Even if I still can't match their names to their cartoon designs.
Thanks! Making these actually helped me telling each frog apart easier, since I really had to study their appearance. I will go back and put their names next to each off their individual pics.

After seeing these in pics I notice a few things here and there that could be improved. I will go back and touch these up in a few weeks when I get back from vacation. Might possibly make more toon accurate axe for Genghis.

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