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Man!! I'm so happy! Got a cool update.
And it's been a while I haven't posted a lot and TMNT autograph are really slow lately.
I had the busiest and toughest year ever with my dad having cancer and me becoming famous here in The Netherlands as the official Lucky Luke lookalike.

Lucky Luke is a famous European comicbook character just like Tintin and Asterix. And since I handmade a cosplay costume and seem to look so much like him, I became the official real life mascot for the publisher. Giving me great oppurtunities.
If you're interested, here's my page:

But onto TMNT updates now!
I finally got my photo back from the London Film & Comic Con, signed by Paige Turco. All this time I still needed one for the third movie!

autograph #595


And the other awesome news is from last weekend. I went to a Belgian Comic Con called FACTS. And David Tennant was there . You all know him as Doctor Who, but also as professor Zayton Honeycutt a.k.a. The Fugitoid in the Nickelodeon 2012 series. I was so excited and he was awesome and nice.
He told me this was his first Fugitoid photo that he signed!

I loved the opening quote from the SDCC announcement:

So I had to have that quote on my photo

autograph #596

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