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I made a list of the current books being offered. I kept buying doubles, so I decided to make a list for myself to keep track.

I figured I'd share it if anyone's collecting them as well.
(Not complete)

Nick Turtle Books

Random House Kids Short Stories

1. Mutant Origin: Mikey/Raph
2. Mutant Origin: Leo/Don
3. Showdown with Shredder
4. Mutant Mayhem!
5. Friend or Foe?
6. The Casey Chronicles
7. Mutants in Space!
8. The Rise of Tiger Claw

Step into Reading

Phonics Power!
12 small learning books

Level 1
1. Ninja Dad

Level 2
1. Space Shark!
2. Alien Attack!
3. Pizza Party!
4. Too Much Ooze!
5. Shell Shock
6. Bug Battle!

Level 4
1. Green Team!
2. Robot Rampage!
3. Mikey's Monster
4. Double-Team!

Random House Kids Pictureback
1. Saved by the Shell!
2. Ooze Control!
3. Enter the Lair
4. Red Alert!
5. Bigfoot's Spring Break
6. Ninjas on Ice!
7. Beware of Bebop and Rocksteady!
8. Night of the T-Machines!
9. Monkey Business
10. The Mutant Files
11. T-Machines: Turbo Guide
12. Stand Together

Little Golden Book
1. Follow the Ninja!
2. Green vs Mean
3. Really Spaced Out
4. Frog Fight!
5. Skate Like A Ninja!

Big Golden Book
1. Blast to the Past
2. Merry Mutants!
3. The Big Book of Ninja Turtles

Look and Find (Small and Large)

Small Board Book
1. Strength in Numbers!
2. Show your Colors!
3. Know your Shapes!
4. Opposites Attack!

Random Books
Flip the Lid! (Flap Book)
Heart of a Ninja (Tab Book)
TMNT Pop-Up Book (Pop-Up)
Rough and Tumble Turtles (Touch/Feel)
The Smell of Victory! (Scratch/Sniff)
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