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I know exactly how you feel, Anarky, because the same thing happened to my sister and I. We went for a very long time not seeing our dad and Thanksgiving 2002, we went over to his legal guardians house in Bonita to visit him and his family. When I saw him, I nearly flipped out. He's the same age as my mom, but, his hair was salt and pepper, his face very ashen, his eyes a little sunken in and he slurred a little when he talked. We came home and I burst into tears, telling Mom that this was not the same man I knew while growing up. The last time I saw him was June, 2004, when I spent a night at his place before he drove me to Lindbergh Field the next day for the AnimeNEXT convention. I'm used to his looks now, but the first time was very hard to accept. Hope you hang in there, kiddo. That's what I'm doing.

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