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Originally Posted by Anarky
I met my father today... I am disappointed. Very disappointed.

He first wanted to do something with me and my brother for christmas. That was impossible since we already had appointments. Family stuff. Well, today I met him. We went to have pizza. Pizza is a good thing.

But what has become of the person I once called "my hero"? What has happened during the last six years? What is wrong with him? He seemed to be apologizing for everything. First for his new car (just substract the rims). Well, then he started talking about his life without us. How he still feels his head injury (he once broke his neck but survived). He never did that before. Where went all his strength that people tell I have too. Where is his strong will? He seemed so weak and pale. Not exactly old, but tired. And his voice... no energy in it.

I am deeply disappoited. This, my friends, is one of the moments I could cry. I really could. For one, I think it's a shame that the father I knew is gone (even characterwise, he wouldn't even put up a good fight) and for the other that I don't want to become what he is today.
God man, that is horrible. I'm sorry it work out so badly. I kinda have a similar situation. I don't wan't to become what my family is either. It's a mindset. You have to work to engrain the ideals you want to believe in your mind and keep them there. It's hard at the begenning, but eventually it becomes habbit. Anyone can be the person they want to be if they try hard enough.
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