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I didn't hate/loathe/despise either of the movies, but they were also not what I (or obviously what the majority) of fans wanted story wise.

It was long overdue for Rocksteady and Bebop to be in a live action film and I think they were portrayed pretty well all things considered. In the end they were what made the movie watchable in my opinion. Kraang on the other hand is what turned me off big time to the 2nd movie.

Don't get me wrong. I would have loved to see Kraang as the potential villain for perhaps the 3rd movie, ending the 2nd off with a teaser of his appearance and cementing in that 3rd title, but the way they shoved him into this one and just broomed Shredder felt rushed and poorly planned in my opinion. I think Rocksteady and Bebop were enough for the fans and if they spent a little more time coming up with a better story line it would have worked out so much better.

The other thing I didn't like was Casey Jones. I was fine with the casting choice but his background and general attitude was NOT Casey at all and I was really disappointed with how they handled that.

All that being said I do still value the movie to some degree. I got over the turtles appearance and tried to embrace it for what it was... so... I don't hate the new films. They just weren't what I would have liked to see with a live action reboot and I think it had much more potential to be something far greater than what it was.

Thank you to evan2000 for the AWESOME gif! <3

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