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Thank you!I've finally found some more TMNT items locally, so i can post again! (Also finally, le dank foxy grandpa: ! #KEK !! )

I've got ripped off by a con man scammer i met on facebook, so i lost the following items, they're no longer in my collection so some pictures in this thread may not reflect that: Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain, super powers batman, superman & aquaman, robin minifigure, predator, x-men spiral, sabretooth, venom, hobgoblin minifigure, 4 star wars figurines..
And, 2 & a half months worth of my savings. Then ebay returned my package for the 3rd time, i no longer have paypal for resending it, or cash for the import taxes. I wasn't in the mood for collecting for a while after that. But life goes on, i'm getting back on my feet slowly, i'll need some time (I need to save up more money every month...and "bend-ems" animaniacs is rare here, so the issue's not the money.) but i'll just roll with it and see what comes up.
Here's the rest of my haul:

I've some more jack figurines (Foxy?!) grandpa abe, principal skinner...i can't find them right now, excuse me. I'll post them when i do, sorry about that.

And lastly, i've these japanese anime lady figurines...

it's not really the appropiate place to post them here, if anybody wants to see them, you are welcome to private message me, but even so...they're tame, to me, (the tiny manga women are just sitting there, and the taller lady's...posing n.n, that's about it.) but: feminist, social justice warriors, may get mad at me, so even if i'll show you, it's a version i edited, with swimsuits on, that i've online.
It's a good conversational piece. (Just Kidding )
That's that~ if i get more items maybe i can post again, you never know, i've missed this forum. Thank you, and if i don't, merry christmas and happy new year in advance.

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